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Why are you hacking my service?

NOT REPORTING A POST.  I couldn't find any other way to post to the forum.  This is regarding Cox supposedly hacking.  This is fake information listed by the IP address holder.  This is what I have found out through research.

My email for my website was broken into by these a-holes!  I was getting THOUSANDS of bounced emails per day, plus I wasn't getting any of my own emails from my site from any potential customers.  They were actually spamming directly from my account.  I was able to contact my hosting company, and they blocked the IP address and changed my password.  If you look up, it shows the contact email of  I thought that was really strange.  They have apparently hijacked that email address, too, Cox, so please look into that.  The names associated with that IP address are as follows :   Waldron, Roderick Berube, Tori Anderson, Alvin Demond National IP Administrator BA, Aboubakr Waldron, Roderick Berube, Tori Anderson, Alvin Demond National IP Administrator BA, Aboubakr.  It shows the location as Gretna, LA.  But another one they used in the past, but it sounds like it has been blacklisted; however, the above IP is associated with a company called HIVELOCITY VENTURES CORP, which is located in Tampa, FL, which is where is located.  Interesting.  If you look up this company, they show tons of huge servers on their home page.    Interesting message board I found on HiGHVELOCITY smamming:  Check out their facebook page:  This says it all.  

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Posted: 13 Nov 2014
Post Subject: Why are you hacking my service?
Post author: Hacked by Cox

Cox communications are thieves, they offer hacked services. They claim they offer double the speed that is a lie, the
service I have is hacked by Cox communication employees. The McAfee Security is a Trojan horse that is connected to a
malware/spyware server. The service I receive is hacked services. I am suppose to receive is double speed of 50 Mbps
instead I receive less then 5 Mbps. Cox employees are accessing my computer putting unauthorized administrators, credentials, and passwords on my computer. They are performing daily Denial of Service attacks, fruggle attacks, drivebys and ping of death attacks on my service from Cox Abuse ip addresses 24.*.*.*.  The so call Cox Abuse text message is "Multimedia messages are being sent to your device, but your device doesn't support these messages. Visit your nearest ... for new device options". I am told that Cox Abuse does not send text messages. So who is it sending the messages? The technician that came to my house a month ago claims I had a bad router, but when I put three new routers on my network, they  were  all hijacked by Cox Communication Security who  change the administrators name to  BLAH, BLAH, changed the passwords, fixed the settings so that I could not reset the routers or gain access by remote to the routers, I was denied access to my new routers from a Cox Abuse IP address, Cox Abuse is sending text messages to my cellphone for illegal wiretaps on my cellphone service. Cox Communications always changed my password to my accounts on my computers, deleted partitions forcing me to re-install the system, delete evidence and logs from my computer with unauthorized credentials on all my system. They also hack my Cox account then claim that only the customer can change the password. Cox Communications offers cyber criminal services, I have proof that I am being cyber stalked, and cyber bullied by Cox Communications security personal or hackers employed by Cox Communications. I have proof of all the criminal activity that is preformed on my service on DVD, so deleted the information from my computers and usb's are a waste of time for the hackers. I have over 6000 pieces of evidence from the time my service was put on their trojan horse to the present. Cox claims my speed is doubled for faster internet service that is a sham, I am paying 80 dollars a month for, this fraud and malware/spyware services.