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Why are there no larger data caps available? 1.5 or 2 terabyte limits available?

I have The second fastest data line Cox offers. I have 5 users in the house. We are a cord cutter family which means we use a ** load of data to get all of our daily information. Streaming, Online gaming, and Surfing are our main uses of data. I have restricted my download stream to a slower connection because we were eating to much data. Now I have a cable line that acts like a dsl line . I switched to get a better performing line which can push a ** load of data fast but I am limited to use this line due too not enough data offered. For every 50 Gigs of data I use I will get a $10 charge added on. Why do you not offer a 2 Terabyte limit for $95 a month. I would pay that as I am sure other customers would too.  

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    " We are a cord cutter family which means we use a ** load of data "

    I think you just answered your own question. Cox doesn't want people to cut their cord, and know people who do use more bandwidth, so by not catering to those people, Cox hopes to dissuade them. 

    With that said, where do you live? Most areas still use soft caps, which only send warnings if your area has bandwidth congestion issues. 

    "Why do you not offer a 2 Terabyte limit for $95 a month"

    They do. It's called Gigablast but is only available in a few areas. 

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    I agree! I just got an e-mail this afternoon about overages, I was not even aware that cox HAD a "Data Plan" and I've been a customer with them for a long time. We're also a cord cutter family and I work remotely from home, I find it ridiculous that Cox thinks they can start gouging families for using anything but their Cox branded services.
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    At his point I sincerely believe that this is nothing but a MONEY GRAB move by Cox. I have been a customer for about 15 years and have never had a DATA PLAN or cap it was always unlimited. When I called in to customer service to find out about it the REPRESENTATIVE LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH. Told me that it had always been limited internet. Even claimed he had been working there for 15 years even though he sounded like he was barely 20 years old. I pay for the largest package available as we too don't have TV just stream Netflix Hulu. But there-in is the WHOLE REASON for this UNREASONABLE data limitation. They are losing customers subscribing to their CABLE TV services so they are going to make up for those losses through charging for Internet Data Usage. My bill before cutting services had climbed all the way up to about $325.00 a month with TV, Internet, and Phone. I cut the TV out completely and dropped my plan to Internet and Phone (Was forced to have a phone in order to get "NEW CUSTOMER PRICING" which brought my bill down to $125 a month. Now with this added DATA CHARGES my bill would climb all the way up to $345 a month or more. Wallah they solved their problem of losing TV subscribers. I do not have any alternatives for HIGH SPEED internet but I'll be xxxxx if I am going to pay them that much I would drether drop back down to using a 10GB Internet Connection (WITH UNLIMITED DATA) and a TV internet package. All for a cost of $110 a month. Yes I would suffer some losses to speed and have some buffering occur but I can live with that MUCH BETTER THAN $345 a month. This is completely unreasonable and I am sure like me that COX will see a tremendous loss of customers when they realize that we used to get by before with the slower connections and we can do it again. All you have to do is research their largest competitor and you will find the plans an options I just described above. Way to go treating Loyal Customers the way that you have decided it is going to turn into NO CUSTOMERS. Like me I'm out of here and not going to be looking back.