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Why are Cox Chat Representatives telling me that I am not allowed to record PPV events?

I recently began a chat with a representative by the name of David E. I had been charged for a PPV event replay after being told that I would not. The reason I was authorized the replay is because my DVR system did not record the original event. David E. told me that I was not allowed to record PPV events. I had to call in in order to resolve my issue (wasting time on hold and on the call), and the representative confirmed that I am, in fact allowed to record PPV events. She even linked me to the portion of the rules which stated that fact. It follows:

Purchasing PPV From the Program Guide on a DVR Cable Box

  1. Press the GUIDE button.
  2. Press the arrow buttons to highlight the PPV program you want to purchase.
  3. Press SELECT.
  4. Select either:
    • Buy and Record this show
    • Buy this show
    • View this channel now
  5. Press SELECT.
  6. Press the A button to return to the Program Guide.

If a supervisor reads this, please educate your employees, so that they aren't giving out false information to customers.

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    Hi Daniel S.,

    I apologize if you've received conflicting information. We're happy to provide feedback to our leadership team in reference to this. To access the details and locate the representative's ID information, we will need to review the account. Please email the team at Be sure to include your name, complete address, and your issue.