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Why am I seeing this in my account?

My service is working just fine. This looks like a deceptive attempt to try to get me to upgrade my modem and pay cox a rental fee, which I NEVER will do. I base this on the appearance of a new spammy popup I see under Messages on my account page trying to get me to upgrade my modem when I don't need to and don't even own a Cox modem.

So I tried multiple times from IE and Firefox, and CANNOT get a screen shot in here, Your idiot forum tells me to select a file after I already have and refuses to post it. I click the insert button after having selected it, and it goes right back to the same thing telling me to select a file. DUH fix your site.

In the My Internet section on my account page it looks like:

Service Interrupted x      Troubleshoot

I don't need to troubleshoot anything, so please explain to me why my account shows this when the service is working fine.

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    There was an outage in your area earlier that's been cleared which is the reason you may have received that message. You probably never lost service because the outage didn't affect your node.

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    The message is still showing in my account.

    So who can remove it? I don't want to see it every time I log in to my account.

  • Hello smtips,

    There is still an ongoing service issue in your area which is why you are still seeing that message. While it is not effecting everyone, we are still going to inform everyone that could potentially be effected.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.