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why Am I paying $99 a month for half the bandwidth I used to get?

Im in CT. paying $99 a month (highest plan). Used to get upwards of 170MBPS down with a older motorola cable modem. Suckered into buying the new modem to handle the "higher speeds" only to find that I now have half of what I used to get for bandwidth.

What Gives Cox? I have tested everything in my network. wireless routers are fine. wifi is fine. cable to the house is fine. I call in and techs walk me through the usual troubleshooting and then the bandwidth mysteriously goes up for a couple of days and then drops back down. 

Your ads state up to 250MBPS down. I was getting 170. Now I am lucky to get 80 on a good day. Why are you now throttling the highest tier subscribers?

I watch all kinds of HD video services and then watch live TV via Playstation Vue and all of a sudden I have internet connection issues? 

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    You say everything is fine but, obviously something isn't, otherwise you wouldn't be having issues.  If you want to troubleshoot, start by posting what hardware (make/model) you are using.  Also, are you testing wired or wireless?  You say routers, do you have multiple routers connected?  What hardware did you replace that got you 170Mbps?  First thought, 80Mbps could be due to a 100Mbps wired connection or the max you will get on wireless n connection.