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Why does Cox Webmail *** so Bad? Can we get Refunds?????

Cox webmail has not been working right for over a month! Now, it does not work at all! Can I get a refund on my bill?

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    Still Bill,

    We will need to trouble shoot and resolve the service issue before reviewing the account for any adjustments. What problems are you having? Do you get an error message? What devices and browsers are you using?

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    What problems???? Surely YOU know that Cox webmail has been screwed-up for over a month now. The login page won't even load unless you refresh 10 times.
  • Hi Still Bill,

    Are you accessing Cox webmail from a home page or bookmark? After sign in are you getting a white page or error message? Are you using Classic or Enhanced webmail?

  • Tone deaf "assistance".  Web mail has been intermittently slow for a month.... VERY long waits today; servers are not responding.  Surely those issues aren't originating in all of our computers.... no?

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    Same problem here! It's been extremely slow for over a month now. Takes forever to load mail. Link on Cox's side? I'm use Mac, Sierra, and I am up to date with everything. No error messages, Safari browsing, classic cox, I use Cox home page, etc.

  • At what point do you stop putting blame on the users and own this issue, maybe even fix it????????????

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    My email also takes multiple attempts to log on.  Also addresses are completely garbled--any suggestions on clearing up the address problem. Cox service is a sham. Been using cable all over the U.S. and Cox is the worst!

  • When there's competition enough to force actual customer service.

    turtle-speed said:

    At what point do you stop putting blame on the users and own this issue, maybe even fix it????????????

  • I still can't send or receive webmail. I've been told (via phone, since we can't communicate via there is a server issue, and my account is caught in it. And they're sorry about the "inconvenience"  "Inconvenience" like your ATM is down once? Or the grocery store ad said Coke 12-packs were 4/$1 when it should have read 4/$10?

    MY "inconvenience" is that the lawyer, doctor, accountant, broker - all have my address. And I have no idea who has emailed me and why. And there is not timeline given for the fix.

    I've opened a gmail account, and will start replacing with gmail as soon as I get my account back.