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whole home DVR network

We have a whole home DVR network.  The primary receiver is downstairs along with another receiver in a bedroom and a 2nd receiver upstairs in a bonus room.  I moved the upstairs receiver from one room upstairs to the bonus room.  I can no longer see or have access to the primary DVR downstairs or any of it's recordings.  I have called the customer service line and gone through several reboots and even tried putting it back in the room I moved it from.  It still will not connect back to the primary DVR receiver downstairs.

The only option I was given was to have someone come out and reprogram my whole home network.  I also believe they said I would be charged for this having to be done.  This does not seem like a necessary thing, people move receivers from room to room all the time.  Shouldn't it just reconnect automatically..?  

Why isn't there a "how to" guide to set up the whole home dvr network on the support pages..explaining how to do this.?

Any help would be appreciated, having someone come out is not a good option for me due to my schedule. 


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    there isn't a how to guide since cox requires pro install.  you will most likely need cox to come out.

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    Please unplug all the receivers, wait 2 minutes, and plug the receivers back in starting with the host receiver.