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Who sets the Cox email spam settings? What the HECK?!?!?

Before this glorious upgrade the email servers went offline regularly, resulting in mail arriving an hour or two late, up to DAYS later.

With this "glorious upgrade" I am now finding -all- my email being classified as spam.  I dutifully read the FAQ and used their "not spam" setting. That didn't work.  I have forwarded the senders to "". That doesn't work.

I don't want to check email via webmail everyday. That is a tedious PITA exercise.  How can I just get my freaking mail?

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    No, ALL my  email has been going to the spam folder, including the mail from Cox services. :)

    I can't see my mail unless I log into webmail and clear it all from spam folder.

    The following have been classified as spam:

    My bill from SDG&E

    Mail from cox

    Mail from my employer

    Mail from my SISTER ... 

    Regular newsletters that are delivered every morning.

    Is there someone I can call to get this cleared up?