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Which Router? Which ROUTER?!

I pay for 150 down and 25 or 50 up but have only been getting 27 down when I do a speed test.

I think this is because I'm using a really old old 7 year sold router. If I get a router through Cox ( that 7.99 a month )will I be guaranteed or close to my speeds I pay for? Again I pay for 150 down

Also, can you provide a list of routers that guys provide so I can do my research on what router I may receive?

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    First of all, the 150Mbps down is 10Mbps up, not 25 or 50.

    If you are using 7 yo equipment, you have a separate modem and router. What model modem are you using. If it's not DOCSIS 3 with at least 8x4 channels (minimum, more channels the better) it must be replaced. Also, what model is your router?

    AFAIK, Cox only rents gateways (combo modem & router in one box). For $7.99 a month you will get a single band (2.4 GHz) gateway, a dual band gateway is $9.99/mo. For best performance, ease of troubleshooting and save $$ over time, I recommend buying your own separate devices, a 16x4 modem like the Surfboard SB6183 and a dual band wireless ac router. ASUS and Netgear Nighthawk make very good routers as does TP-Link at a lower price point. You can buy a modem + router starting at less than $150 total and save the $10/mo rental fee.

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    Beware of SB6183, there are issues, just do an internet search and you will see.