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Where's my stuff?

When Cox arbitrarily installed the new email app, I lost a file I had with a large number of emails in it. Where did this stuff go and how do I recover it? I am NOT happy with this new email. I would have been nice to have had some warning that it was going to happen.

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  • Cox Communications has deemed us as not meriting any prior notification of anything that affects services we are paying more and more for.  If there were real competition for equivalent services that would likely be different.

  • We lost all our email prior to Aug 17th.  Not sure if we can recover them or not.  Is this what happened to you too?

    Everything in our home computer Outlook and my tablet gmail was also lost.

  • Hi Parakeet49,

    I apologize that you missed the email announcing the change to a new email platform. To get more comfortable with the new email platform, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. From the drop-down menu, click on Getting Started. This will take you through a short tour. A longer Guided Tour is also available through the Settings menu.

    You mention that you lost a file containing many emails. Are you referring to a Webmail folder? If so, make sure your Inbox View is set to "Folder View." Click on View (top right of your Inbox) and click Folder View. Your Folder Tree will display on the left-hand side of the page. To expand each folder, click on the arrow next to the folder.

    Are you able to locate the folder containing the emails you are looking for?

  • Hi HappycamperNot,

    We can try to recover your lost email for you. Please email our team at with your full name, address, and the impacted email accounts. We can submit an escalation ticket on your behalf!

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    I did find them, thanks, but they are taking forever to open. is this something that Cox plans to address (i.e. slowness of opening files). As far as "missing" the email, I never received it and quite frankly, thought that the new app was a virus that had somehow gotten into my computer. You folks are more than ready every single month to send me an email telling me that my bill is ready to be viewed and payed (really????), but not quite so forthcoming with the things that really are important - like arbitrarily and totally out of the blue changing the format of my email system. This, of course, is quite apart from the fact that the old system worked just fine. I guess your writers were having a slow week or something and just needed something to do. Maybe they could be better put to work figuring out how to make the internet service less expensive, rather than more annoying.

  • Yes I have even tried chatting. I am getting double of most of my emails. They do not skip my in box and go to a folder. Now I am loosing emails which are a request to repeat information in the first email I lost. I also don't recall any notification. and yes this is a serious mistake and a poor replacement for a mediocre system to begin with