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Where is call log screen in Contour 2?

Last night I installed my new Contour 2 box.  I really like the interface and guide compared to the old Rovi and Contour 1.  The one thing I can't find is where the call log is located.  The incoming caller displays on my screen properly, but how do you see the call history.  Yes, I know you can see them in the phone tools section of the website (when it works), but they should be there on your cable box too.  Is this another case of newer technology with less features?

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  • Hello Davidoo,

    There is nothing wrong with your system. Contour 2 doesn't have the notification or option to view Call History as you could on the previous Rovi or Contour1. We can share your interest in seeing this as a feature for Contour 2. At this time, it is not available. Should there be any updates, you would see on your paper statement News From Cox.

  • That's too bad that the newer equipment has less features.  I also miss being able to see my signal levels on the old Rovi as well by tuning to channel 1999.  It was useful during times if you had pixilation or stuttering and you could see your tuner levels and signal to noise as well.  I'm sure there is a way to see that, but it is some secret combination of buttons to get into the service menu.  This isn't just Cox, but it seems tech manufacturers and software companies are hiding or taking away basic features that those of us who know how to tinker around a bit in the system like.  Probably because if we could see the signal levels and they were low, we would call, and they don't want that.