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Where are my Listings

Why can't I get my TV listing on the web page any longer so I can set my reminders and DVR. Come On! Get your act togehter. Ive tried 3 different browsers as well WTH? Poor Poor Service!

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    Still there for me, under TV Tools / Check TV Listings.  Are you signing on with your primary account?

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    No problem Fixed? Here is what I need to do in order to get my listings, and Indic this accidentally, When I sign into my account and click on TV, a page comes up telling me that I need to enter a zip code and location in the place where that is already listed. WTH? Can't your web developers figure that out ? Then I input HD channels and it of course pulls all of the lower channels as well? SERIOUSLY!. Pure and simple this is sloppy work and the lazy people who did this design should be fired. If they worked for me, they would have been gone a long time ago. Pure and simple sloppy done 't care about doing a great job just something to keep our job type work. Its really no wonder more and more people and jumping from cable. I'm starting to look more seriously too. And lets not even get me started on Contour II... Contour I was garbage, and although Contour II does have some pretty neat things , it also is poorly done. Just as an example Unturned my TV off and came back an hour or so later, and it was playing a different channel. Today I turned it off and turned it back on to go] back to the football game I was watching, and while I could hear it in the background, I couldn't see it because Cox decided I wanted to read the news and weather in the lower left hand corner... Sheesh!
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    @John S

    The ZIP code info isn't pulled from your account although you should be able to enter it once and have it remembered each time you visit our site. By chance are blocking cookies and/or javascript?