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When will you stop throttling upload rates so much?

As the subject implies, that's exactly what this is about.  And before I get onto bitching / venting about this garbage I've been struggling with for literally years now ... is there any chance you could maybe stop throttling upload so much, maybe?  Please?  FFS

And PLEASE, before I get a generic "have you restarted your modem and router" or "have you tried with just modem" and all that basic stuff, YES ... THE ANSWER IS YES, WAY TOO MANY TIMES, YES.  So PLEASE, do NOT throw that at me.

I am furious and I am NOT stupid.  I have complained about this multiple times in the past and struggled with this ** for far too long now and I am absolutely sick of it.  So much so that I've tweeted to it on Cox twitter, posted on reddit, and am filing an official FCC complaint about this.

This IS throttling.  It's time gated, and it's PISSING ME OFF.

Throttling download is one thing.  I pay for 100 megabits down, 10 megabits up, not including the ** "speedboost" technology that realistically does nothing when I literally am getting 1/5th my advertised rates in upload speed, and about 1/3rd my advertised rates in download.  The download at 35 megabits per second is acceptable, I understand maybe a high demand for down being used in the evenings for say netflix and the like.

But WHY the *** is the UPLOAD being throttled so hard?!  I pay for this literal ***-TIER "service" *because* I want plenty of upload so that I can stream maybe a few times a week in decent quality that viewers might appreciate, and I only stream at 1/5th of advertised rates, when I even do (or even can, thanks to this *** service) and still try to make sure I stay within my internet usage limits.  This is EXTREMELY important to me as I am a part of movements such as which is a charitable community of streamers and gamers alike, as an example.

I would be okay if you simply throttled the download speed, that's *** fine.  I can live with 35 out of 100 megabits down.  But I cannot *** live with 1.5 to 2.5 megabits up out of my advertised 10 megabits up.  This is absolute **.  I am literally paying for and have been paying for a service I most of the time cannot even *** use when I get the chance thanks to this throttling garbage.

And please don't try to tell me it's not throttling, because I have MULTIPLE *** TIMES NOW, sat down and done speedtests at specific times that this problem "magically stops" such as 11:50 to about 12:05, and when that time rolls around, holy *** ... my speeds are magically normal again!  I've had techs come out here and test my internet, go figure, it's not at a time I normally stream and it's seriously interesting that the problems never occur when they're around, so it's "my problem" even though I purchased a new modem and router around this time last year and the problems still persisted even though I was blamed for that last year, make the change and GOODNESS ME, THE *** PROBLEMS STILL PERSIST.

I am *** sick of this ** garbage.  It is a *** ripoff, waste of money, infuriating and just ruining my experiences and connections with people I've been working to establish when I have the time to do so, only to have this *** ripped away from me due to some seriously ** throttling.

Also, another thing I found really *** fun to read is this.

Seriously Cox,

Get your *** together or you're losing a customer who's been growing ever more sick of your *** as the years have passed.  You'd think with technological upgrades that the service would just get better, but no, it just seems to get *** worse.

Don't bother responding to this thread if you don't want.  ***, you can lock it / delete it if you desire!  Won't change the fact that I will be doing my part to help spread awareness of your **!  ^____^

Cheers!  <3

-Seriously unsatisfied customer

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    Wow. After the 5-6th swear I stopped reading. This did not "spread awareness". This was rant dribble. 

    If you would like to discuss the issue, please reply with some technical details. Why do you think the issue is throttling and not congestion? What model modem/router? Do signal levels change when speed does? Latency? Packet loss?

    PS. Im just going to guess... but you play LOL don't you?