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When I downloaded Windows 10 I lost easy access to my COX Outlook Express

Its to much trouble to go to webmail so I check it about every 3 to 4 months. 

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    Outlook express is from Microsoft themselves, it is their product.

    There is a way to get the mail in Windows 10 to work with Cox - when it first launched it wasn't fully functional, but last I checked it worked well.

    Launch mail - choose accounts - add account - internet email - put your email address and password in fields.  This just worked for me when I tested it.

    However, if it fails to work - scroll down to advanced setup (actually scroll down it's not visible by default) - click on advanced setup - click internet mail -

    Email Address: Your email address

    User Name: the first part of your email address (everything before the

    Password: the password that works when accessing

    Account Name: Whatever you would like

    Send Your Messages Using This Name: self-explanatory

    Account Type: IMAP4

    Incoming Mail Server:

    Outgoing Mail Server:

    The next four boxes should remain checked - click sign in and it should work.