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When fast forwarding near the end, skips the last minute, goes to very end.

 When I am fast forwarding to the end of a recorded show, when I get near the end, within the last minute or minute and onehalf, it will skip right to the very end. This misses the last minute or so, and then I have to rewind. 

is this a glitch?

 DVR does the same thing when I'm rewinding. Getting close to DP getting, skips to the very beginning within the last minute.  Cannot rewind to anywhere within a minute from the end, either forward or backward.  Always skips to the very beginning (or end). 

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  • Hi HuskyJim,

    I've experienced this on my DVR, also, so I understand your frustration. I'm not sure I would call this a glitch. Your DVR features three levels of rewind and fast forward: 3X, 20X, and 60X. When you get to the last few minutes of a program, it is best to use the slowest of the FFWD options (press the FFWD key only one time). This should allow you to locate the final 45-60 seconds of a program.

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    Thanks for taking the time to post this reply.

    I tried as you suggested to use the "slowest" (3X?), but it does the same thing - goes to the end.  I've been a a customer of Cox for almost 20 years, and I know an earlier version of the DVR was more precise, and you could get to a point within the last minute.  That is no longer possible.  The only way to get there is to go to the end, and rewind (either the "10 second button" a few times, or standard 3X rewind).

    Thanks again,


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    Hello HuskyJim,

    We would like to get to the bottom of your issue. Can you email us at your complete address and the issues you are experiencing so we can take a look to see what could be causing your issue?

  • Hi HuskyJim,

    The Rovi IPG has a feature that allows you to skip ahead in increments of 30 seconds.. The feature has to be activated at each Cox headend, and I don’t know if it activated for your area. Let’s test it!

    While watching a DVR recording, pressing the PLAY button two times quickly should cause playback to skip ahead 30 seconds and immediately resume. Does this work? Or, does pressing the PLAY button two times begin slow-motion playback?