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What was Cox doing early this AM?

Just after midnight last night, the local CBS channel (HD 1003) went off, got the standard popup.  Did some channel changing and most HD stations were off but then found CBS ... it was coming over 1028, our channel for ESPN.  Checked both my minibox and Contour DVR, same thing, Colbert was on the ESPN channel number.  Called support and recording said they were doing network testing in my area.  Stayed this was for about 45 mins then switched back to normal.  Any ideas what Cox was testing in the CT market?

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  • Hi Allen,

    The video maintenance you witnessed last night was related to spectrum realignment. I wish I had more information for you, especially now that you've piqued my own curiosity. I’ll let you know if I get more details!

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    Becky why can't there be pop ups or some kind of notice of this kind of work done I know emergency repairs aren't scheduled, but what about a scrolling message 24 hours in advance of the work being done especially if the work only effects SD or HD channels

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    Thanks for the response, Becky.  It was strange, the major networks going out then showing up where ESPN was.  I would have been very upset if I was still watching the college basketball kickoff marathon last night ... would have missed about 45 mins of the game they were airing at that time.  I agree with wees, some heads-up on scheduled maintenance would really be appreciated.  The tv feed going crazy and having to call in to get a recording about planned maintenance is not good customer service.

  • Spectrum alignment testing is usually contained to a particular headend so it affects the fewest number of customers. I'm not sure if last night's work was testing or planned maintenance. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions!