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What speed is the actual High Speed in the internet Starter Pack?

I just checked my speed and it is 5.48Mbps in download and 1.15 Mbps in upload.

How can this be considered a high speed?  I was thinking of switching packages.

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    Its not. Theres a ton of things that can be wrong between point A and point B such as testing on wifi, testing on a computer that doesnt have the wireless card to support a high speeds, have an old modem, have signal issues or noise, etc. We need more information

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    I believe COX High Speed Internet Starter for Vegas (not sure your market or other markets) at least is 5Mbps Down / 1 Mbps Up. Its the cheapest most basic "starter" package. Essential gives up to 15Mbps down / 2Mbps up, Preferred is 50Mbps Down here and 5Mbps upload, Premier is 150Mbps download and 10Mbps upload and Ultimate is 300 Mbps Download 30 Mbps upload. Preferred and up have powerboost which will have a temporary surge in download and upload speed but I've always got more than all of the above advertised speeds for download and upload on all the packages at the modem level when I did a speedtest they usually give you more than you pay for at the modem level if everythings good in the lines. Some areas have Gigablast. Of course upping the speed increases the price unless you get a promo but the tiers are kind of labeled what they are. "Starter" is basic starting out, essential is the necessities and preferred is well preferred and most popular over the other plans, higher packages just give you more bandwidth and depends on what you do online and if you have wifi and a lot of connected devices simultaneously and what all they are doing in tandem. Starter could work for 1 person hardwired to the modem not multi tasking just doing 1 thing at a time but normally at least in my area Starter is offered but only if you specifically ask for it even if you call sales, loyalty, tech and ask for the slowest cheapest they'll normally give you Essential and not mention Starter because even Essential is pretty basic for today's standards. All depends on what you do online though and what your expectations are. Either way of course its still better than Dial-Up. In my area I'm being told shortly by a loyalty rep that Preferred will be upped to 100Mbps and if that's the case that's pretty good and would make sense to be a preferred name balance between speed and cost as its the plan right in the middle and 100Mbps is pretty nice for a small family of 4 or so. If the server supports it higher speed will download files faster and stream higher res more smoothly all other factors aside. Mostly though its all about how many people and devices use it. They always tend to sell the highest 2 packages and market towards gaming but you could game on Starter just you cant like game, download, stream, etc with multiple people connected all at the same time as gaming is latency based and as long as you have enough available bandwidth it won't affect the ping plus a lot of that is out of Cox's hands anyways. What i'd do is just try out each speed for like 30 days and see like start at Starter like you are now try it for 30 days if its too slow and you see in speed tests and such you're getting more than the rated 5 down 1 up (factoring out network or pc issues) you know its just you need more speed. Upgrade to essential and try that out and keep doing that until you find the perfect package where you know you aren't paying for more than you really need. A lot of times promos get you to try out the higher speeds and when the promo ends and you downgrade is where if you notice a difference you can weigh options. If you notice no difference upgrading or downgrading then you probably found the perfect fit for your needs. For the higher packages just make sure your equipment supports it like get a good brand new Docsis 3/3.1 modem with a really good wireless AC 5Ghz router and adapter if you're going to use wifi and you can probably even see those speeds on wifi if your network is well setup and you have a repeater (depends on home size, construction). If its just going to be 1 computer hardwired to the modem then you'd be all set with just a modem. Preferred and up based on download and upload speed would be what meets the minimum requirements of the FCC's term "High Speed" and "Broadband". But nonetheless even Starter and Essential are high speed when compared to dial up.

  • Hi Inquisative,

    Since the Starter Internet Tier provides download speeds of up to 5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps, it appears your speed is in line with the tier to which you subscribe. We also offer Internet tiers with the following download and upload speeds:

    Essential 15 Mbps / 2 Mbps
    Preferred 50 Mbps / 5 Mbps
    Premier 150 Mbps / 10 Mbps
    Ultimate 300 Mbps / 30 Mbps

    Please note that specific equipment may be required in order to receive the maximum speed of the Preferred, Premier, and Ultimate tiers. You can get more information using the links below. Please let us know if you have further questions!