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What is the correct web site login page for Cox Account login if service is from Phoenix, AZ?

I frequently have problems logging into my Cox account and even my web mail.  It is beyond frustrating.  The webpage for email looks like it was designed in 1999 surrounded with goobally-gobally advertisements and other junk. 

I expect to be able to go to the same master login page no matter where I am at and log into my Cox account.  Cox apparently has too many other login pages depending on where you are logging in from and they often just don't work.  The problem appears related to the message "too many redirects"  delete cookies and try again.   However, deleting all cookies didn't change a thing.

I've had to complain to COX ever year for 10 years for this same login problem and I'm tired of it.  Time to switch to AT&T or some reliable big company that can manage to create a simple login page!

If you have an answer -- please post.   If you've had similar problems let Cox know.  They need to fix this problem.

Thanks for your time commenting.  Hopefully Cox can get this most crucial requirement for customer service improved.

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    Bhenne, I will forward along the feedback on the website to our page administrators for you. Most of the site does use a single login but there are a couple or portions that are separate like our support forums section that are considered different. When you get the "too many redirects" error message what is the URL/web site address that it is showing on the browser?