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What is my quota of blocked senders

What does this mean?  What is the quota and how do I increase it?

Following entries were not added as you have reached your maximum quota limit of allowed and blocked lists jointly:"

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    I believe the limit is 30 entries last time I checked. For reference, this feature works best for blocking a small known number of known senders. Spam email will usually not be caught by the block sender list and is better handled by using the report as spam feature.

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    I called support and all they did was reiterate what you and I both saw in response to the massive spam explosion over the last 6 weeks. There is a limit to "lists" add and delete.  All they said was forward to spam report at cox for blocking.  We are now talking more than 20 a day with the same format of a personalized greeting link and embedded trash.

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    Instead of blocking email address, try blocking entire domains. So instead of blocking and, block You can then add exceptions for people you do know on that domain. AFAIK you can have 30 blocks AND 30 exceptions. 

    The other option is to use "Enhanced Email" instead of "Classic". Not only can you do up to 100 blocks AND 100 exceptions, but you can also use filters for a additional 20 blocks.