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What IS it with cox webmail?

It takes forever to get from sign in to the email page.

I don't care what the problem is.  It needs to be fixed and it is NOT on our end. 

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    Can you try with a different browser and see what results you get? It may also be helpful to try clearing cookies/cache.

  • I experienced the same thing earlier this morning... it seems to be gone for now.  Interesting that the response centers on something that is an unlikely source of the problem.

  • I've been experiencing this all week, mainly on firefox. Internet explorer seems to do fine but I'm not about to use the worst, most insecure browser to check my email.

    I can sign in just fine, but webmail takes a number of minutes to load. It's the only page that does this.

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    Depending on the view used for the Webmail site their may be a issue with Flash or Java there. Are you aware if you signing in with the Classic or Enhanced view?

  • I've tried both classic and enhanced, it makes no difference. Flash and Java are both up to date and freshly reinstalled.

    I don't know about the others having this problem now though, but it started out of the blue very recently and comes and goes. Some points during the day it loads fine. Other times (like right now) it's taking a number of minutes.

  • Jaeger,

    Part of the delay may be related to the email migration we are in the process of completing. I can't verify it, but I suspect there may be times when our servers are trying to verify which server your login attempt needs to be routed to in order to display your inbox. Please see if you experience this issue with all of the email addresses on your account. If it is just the primary user ID please try typing in the address bar for this particular account.

    It's important to note that customers can have multiple user ID's located on different servers for email. (This means it might be that all of your ID's may not be homed on the same server.)

    Additionally, the size of your inbox can affect the time it takes for your inbox to load in webmail. If you have a lot of email, particularly where the first few emails contain large attachments or if you are approaching the maximum allowable size for your inbox it can increase the amount of time it takes for the page to load.

  • My inbox is well below the maximum allowed, only 2 Emails today. I also attempted going through directly as you suggested on both the primary user and my secondaries. The process is still rather slow and entirely random as to whether or not it loads up almost instantly or takes several minutes.

    It is worth mentioning that two of my user accounts (The Primary and the first secondary) are all on the classic webmail interface while the second secondary account is using something called the Cox App Suite that I've never seen before. I'm not sure if that would make a difference or not.

  • Hi Jaeger,

    I'm sorry for the latency you're experiencing when trying to access your WebMail. The best way to access WebMail is from; however, you can also access it from or any other landing page (examples:, Also, make sure you are using a compatible internet browser:



    Google Chrome

    51 or higher

    Internet Explorer

    10 or higher

    Microsoft Edge

    13 or higher

    Mozilla Firefox

    47 or higher


    8 or higher

    For more email resources, reference the Cox Email Support Center.

  • I am using a higher version of Firefox (and even tried Internet Explorer 11) and going directly to makes no difference.

    This is still an issue.

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    Still a ongoing issue.  If customers report these ongoing issues with Cox Webmail, hopefully Cox will apply the appropriate resources to correct the problem.

    It is a Cox problem, and not a user issue, as it relates to the specific reports than have been made for almost 4 weeks now, by a number of different customers.

    There could be a number of Cox implemented reasons to letting Webmail function in this manner. It does not seem to be a true latency issue, but some form of "bandwidth", or "user load" throttling. Possibly a malware filtering problem due to hardware resources.

    Maybe Cox will tell us??? If not, reporting Webmail issues by customers will help resolve the problem.