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What is ESPN3?

What channel is considered "ESPN 3"? We have the Sports and Information Pack and we get ESPN's 1 and 2, ESPNU, ESPNEWS and ESPN Classic. The Nebraska baseball schedule had a game last weekend being broadcast on ESPN 3 but we could not find it on any of the ESPNs we have. Are there sports channels we AREN'T getting, even though we pay extra for the Sports & Info Pak?

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    ESPN3 is a streaming channel, not a physical channel on the cable. You can watch ESPN3 on an iOS or Android device using the WatchESPN app or on a laptop or computer by going to the WatchESPN website. A smarttv may have the watchESPN app as does AppleTV, Chromecast, Roku, etc. HTH.

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    Ollie911- ESPN3 used to be an actual channel , now it is basically "Watch ESPN". However if you get the Sports pak, you can Google ESPN3 and see all the games available and you can stream them. I have my laptop hooked up to my tv with HDMI so its like watching tv. if u have a smart tv, just get the watch ESPN app and it will ask you for your provider and to sign in to your Cox account-- do that once and youre good forever