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What is considered a good signal strength?

I haven't been getting a signal for my services. There was construction going on right in front of my house and I suspected that they cut or nicked a line. I went round and round with technical support because they keep wanting to charge me $55 to send someone out when I suspect the problem is outside. We had a tech come by the house to check the outside only (to avoid the fee) and he said my signal was "good" never gave me a number. I saw another tech upgrading my neighbors service and he checked it again for me...he said it was at a "12" by the road and at a "-8" at the drop line. This tech said this number was NOT good and suggested I call back and get another drop line. He stated that it starting off at a -8 then that drop is hooked up to a 3 way splitter before coming in the house could be why I am not getting a signal.

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  • Hi Jenn4872,

    At this time none of your devices are communicating with us so we need to address getting the services operational.  Once the services are up,  we can look at the signal strength to determine if it is too strong or too weak.  Please send us an email with the service address to so that we can assist further.