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What is App Suite and how do I get rid of it?

This suddenly appeared and totally changed the appearance of my email. I really do not like it at all and would like to go back to the format I had originally.

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  • Add me to the list who would like this "improvement" to go away.  Such unilateral decision making to slam paying customers with these new "features" and "upgrades" reeks of the same corporate arrogance that deems us as not meriting communications ahead of service interruptions ahead of scheduled maintenance or refunds when paid-for services... or proper notification ahead off rate increases.

    The problem has been and still is that to a great extent, there is little if any real competition for business and therefore no incentive to render meaningful customer service or downward pressure on costs.

    I realize that anyone from Cox who might respond to this is handcuffed by policy written with the same attitude and all I can do is to request that word be passed on up that it might not be a bad idea to do a better job at masking their contempt for the paying customer as we move toward an inevitable change in market conditions necessitated by a tone deaf industry.

  • Hi Parakeet49,

    As part of our ongoing effort to enhance your webmail experience, we have launched a new webmail user interface. I apologize that you missed the email announcing this change. The new interface provides a consistent webmail experience across all devices, virtually unlimited storage (15GB per mailbox), a unified mailbox (single inbox for all email) and integration capabilities with social media sites. All email accounts will eventually be migrated to the new platform.

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    A single mailbox for all email? Does that mean I can no longer put a rule in for specific emails to go into specific folders? How cumbersome is that going to be????