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What happened to Retro TV on Channel 13?

What happened to Retro TV on Channel 13?  That was one of my favorite channels, as it played shows like classic Dr. Who and Sherlock Holmes episodes that you can't find elsewhere.  I think it's OK to have a channel that re-runs KEYT/Fox Local News, but why did you have to get rid of Retro TV?  Is there any way to get it back? 

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  • Hi Eric,

    What happens when you tune to channel 13? Are you getting a black screen or an error message? Is channel 13 working on any of your TVs?

  • The reception on Channel 13 is fine—I’m asking why Cox changed the programming.  About a month ago, the channel was “Retro TV,” which showed classic TV shows and movies.  Now it is the “News Now” channel, which shows the same KEYT/Fox Local news broadcasts over and over again.  Here is the webpage for Retro TV—it seems to still be around:


    I just want to know why you got rid of Retro TV and replaced it with the “News Now” news reruns instead, and want to also know if you can put Retro TV back in the channel line-up.


    Thank you.

  • Hi Eric,

    Channel 13/1013 is a digital substation of KEYT. It appears that KEYT changed the MyTV feed without letting us know. TV stations have complete control of their digital substations and can change the content at any time.

    KEYT answered a question about this change on their FB page, found HERE. There is also a business news brief about the channel change, found HERE. KEYT plans to continue broadcasting MyNetworkTV programming on channel 13/1013 during prime time.