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What do I need to do in order to get technical support?

When I call the Cox technical support line, all i get is an automated voice response that resets my modem.  This does not solve the problem we've had for months:   Download power is way out of spec (min 11.2, max 18.0), numerous T3 and T4 timeouts. Starting a new session with any of our computers requires a wait of up to 45 minutes before a reliable and useful connection is established. Replaced all internal wiring and eliminated all  junction boxes.  

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    Please email full address and primary name on the account to so we can take a look.

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    Here I got to stick up for Cox.

    Never have a problem getting someone on the phone.

    My internet has been super since I paid for my own drop from tap to house.

    It is mine and Cox cannot tap off of it.

    Do you have contour tV?

    A cable guy gave me a filter so contour cannot talk back so to say to my modem.

    It is cox part # GLF 1002.

    Must have one on Contour feed and cable modem feed so they do not cross talk to put it in lay terms..