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WGN Chicago

Why can I no longer find WGN regular progamming on my channel line up?  This WGN America is the same as a million other rerun channels.  I loved being able to see local Chicago news and sports.

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    Hi ScottsdaleGirl,

    What happens when you tune to WGN America? Are you able to view any programming on that channel?

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    because they (WGN) stopped sending the Chicago feed to areas outside of Chicago

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    The feed is still coming from Chicago. The station is now setup the way it is. They have changed their programming for the WGN American channel.

  • Andrew, we get that the feed for WGN America is still coming from Chicago.  What Andrew is saying is that the local WGN feed that had the Chicago commercials and local news, is no longer being fed to cable companies outside the Chicago area.