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Weird picture in picture with on demand

Occasionally, when selecting an On Demand program to watch, it will start playing in a small box in the upper right hand corner of my television screen, but with no volume.  If I exit out of On Demand and go to regular live tv, a dvr recording, or try On Demand again, the picture in picture is still there, still with no volume, and the only thing that makes it go away is doing a set top box reset, which I can't do right now because my dvr is recording another program.

Thing is, neither my Cox set top box, nor my Sharp Aquos television, support picture in picture at all.  Don't know why this is happening, but it's frustrating.

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  • The other day it happened while trying to watch an episode of The Daily Show on Comedy Central.  It's happened a number of times in the past while trying to watch movies on HBO from Cox On Demand (can't remember which movies).  

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    Did you mean to say 30 MINUTES or seconds??

    Much easier to reset the STB's you have from the web don't you think?

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    Thanks for catching the mistake. Please power cycle the receiver for 30 seconds and let us know if the issue continues. You can also reset the receiver from our website or Cox Connect app.