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i have been unable to send or rec email since early august.  My bill is always around $200 and i have internet that at times can not do anything, when it does i get possibly half what i pay for.  Then thry nickel and dime you with box rental and a rouvalidter rental fee for one thats no longer even .  i hope someone who has s9ome authority receives a fwd of this message.  will be looking fwd to the downfall of Cox in thr upcoming years as more people catch on its not necessary to watch t.v.   Nothimg I cant do over the web or phone and bluetooth to my big screen. been getting bent over too long,  starting tio hurt,  sad in Louisiana

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  • and i only have internet and cable, no movie channels, counting the days i can tell cox to shove it.   FYI, the ads theyre saying blazing hot speeds are 100 percent false, unless they change every line, coax can't travel that fast.  LIES   LIES

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    Hi, I would like to assist you with the issues you're having. If you're experiencing service issues I can assist. If you were looking for a way to lower your monthly bill, we can setup a callback for you to discuss your account. We would hate to see you switch providers, how can we retain you as a customer?