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I recently purchased a new computer.  I had so much trouble with my email screen freezing up and going nowhere with my old one along with other problems that I thought a new one would fix the problem.  However with this new HP I am having the same problem with cox.  Its takes forever to load to even open the emails.  If I delete or try to reply again it freezes up.  I am not a wizard at computers but there must be something I can do.  I have tried using Google Chrome to open and the internet if that makes sense and still have same problem.  Is there anyway you can help me with this?

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    Hi, how are you accessing your email?  Are you typing, then verifying the location to show your market?  Also, are you presented with an option of Classic or Enhanced Webmail?  If so, are you selecting Classic Webmail and are you signing in with the correct user name and password?