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Webmail so ridiculously slow

Why is webmail so slow? I mean, it is so slow. I am using 60% of storage. Still, it only needs to display the first few messages. And forget about running a search. I should add, this isn't new. We've had Cox for 14 years straight and webmail is always a pain.

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    What browser are you using when trying to access webmail?

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    I am having the exact same issue as above.  Some times web mail is so slow I have to let it sit for several minutes to bring up an email.

    I am using Google Chrome for my browser.  I am in the Omaha, NE area.  Is this issue isolated or what?

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    Webmail is not loading this morning

    Email clients on my devices are not able to sync, receiving Timeouts and Credential issues again,  special characters were removed from passwords a few months ago.

  • Hi Bryan,

    An issue with Webmail was identified yesterday afternoon, causing the exact symptoms you described. After clearing cache and cookies, Webmail is working fine for me this morning, however. Are you still experiencing these issues today?

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    Email timeouts and credential issues seem resolved

    However, I received 100's of duplicate emails

    Emails are sometimes taking hours and/or days to receive, I just received dozens of emails that were sent in June, that I had never received before.

    I would also like to know how all my email contacts got synced to my webmail?  I never entered them and I only use POP mail.  Does the new email server sync with my Google contacts?  No it can't be Google, I just checked and I do not have many Google contacts with email addresses.

    Anyway, I deleted all the contacts, and downloaded and then deleted all my email from the webmail servers to start fresh.