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webmail send failed/bounced since 01 Aug. 2016

Help anybody!

Two people with two different email addresses.  Long term Cox customers who freqeuntly travel internationally.

Send is bounced with message of three possible problems.  1.  Too many emails sent in a short time = Never - only one email all day, and it bounced.  2.  Cox thinks it is spam - do a test = twice per day tests to self, without subject or body, are bounced.  3.  Cox might be having a temporary problem = Six days is not temporary in our opinion.

Have been at a private French residence since 23 July using 2 Samsung tablets on this Wifi.  Two days of bounce the last week of July.  

Chat with Cox's Raymond H. suggested it was that we are out of the country or that we are using Samsung tablets.  He then said it would be 24 hours before checking into the problem.  Then a message said we were disconnected and to recontact Chat = Yeah, Sure!

24 hours later both our emails went round-and-round but never finished sending = More waiting for the same result.

Six days with blank tests twice per day seems very long.

Any suggestions will be greatfully accepted.

Thanks, Yakcat

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    People with other email providers are getting a 475 Error Code when they access their email while traveling. It won't let them send.  It was originally intended to stop spammers (you obviously are not a spammer) . I wonder if the same thing is happening to you.  My guess is that you triggered a spam filter.  It should stop when you return home. This is something that Cox needs to fix because you should be allowed to use your account wherever you go.

    If you have a signature attached to all of your Sent emails,  remove it and see if the emails go thru.  A few people had signatures with links in them which triggered the spam filter even though the links were not spam.

    We have similar nicknames but i want the forum members to know we are not the same person.

  • Hi Yakcat,

    To provide real-time protection against identity theft, data breaches, and fraud, Cox added a layer of security that has caused a few issues for customers trying to access their Cox accounts while traveling overseas. We have a process in place to escalate and resolve these issues. Did Raymond say that he had submitted a ticket on your behalf? Did he perhaps provide a ticket number? My team is happy to investigate this further for you, and to ensure you can receive and send email.