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webmail issue

i need to change the name of my Sent Items in email. About a month ago I couldn't find my Sent Mail file and kept looking finding it in a new file I never created or seen before: an arrow Items. I called Cox and we found it in my Sent Mail file and don't know how that happened. Bottom line I have a new mailbox, arrow items, sometimes arrow sent. That is where 2-2 yrs of sent files were. I had sent mail in several files  - sent mail and arrow sent. don't know why.

Cox suggested I move the files from one to the other I did that and everything looked good when one day all of a sudden, I watched my new Sent Mail disappear to a few emails and one day  - 0 sent emails. I called COX and they tried to help but said they were gone - there gone. Nothing they could do for me.

I tried some  software but unsuccessful,

I chatted with an agent today who offered hope. He said I need to make another sent mail file, then there was a way to  make that the new sent fail. I understand the part of pointing in folders to show where the file is for sending mail. I NEED HELP GETTING THAT CHANGE DONE BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE  I lost his call. PLEASE help.



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  • dmziemski,

    To help me better understand your inquiry I'll need additional information. Do you log into the website to check your email or do you use third party software to access the mail servers?

    If using webmail via, are the sent messages being marked as unread in this folder?