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webmail and app suite

I have experienced for several months trouble getting to the webmail site. It takes forever to load the page and many times will time out with an error. That problem seems to be fixed but now one of our emails is something called myemail appsuite. What is this app suite and how did one of the accounts convert?

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    Hi Peggy8080,

    The myemail app suite is the new Cox email platform  We are slowly migrating all Cox email accounts to this new platform. You would have received an email from us about this update.  Not all email accounts will be migrated at the same time.  Once the email account has been migrated, it can not be reversed.  If you have any other questions or concerns about the new Cox email platform, please let us know,.

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    How can we find out information pertaining to the myemail appsuite?  Where is the spell check.  How can you transfer emails from trash to your normal emails?


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    Spell check is automatically included.  Not true. Will not work when I compose a new email

  • Hi Greg, I just checked the feature using two different web browsers: IE and Chrome. Both times messages with incorrectly spelled words were re-underlined and I was able to select/highlight the word in question, right-click and obtain the browser options for spell check. Please check to see if the spell check option is turned off in your browser.