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Web mail not forwarding

I have a primary e-mail address and a secondary with Cox. The secondary does not forward to the Primary when I use MS Outlook on my desk top. The secondary does not forward to the primary on Cox Web Mail either. Maybe the secondary went inactive because I have not accessed it online in Web Mail however it has seen activity a lot in the past. 

When I log in to web mail with my primary address the cox site mirrors my MS Outlook. It did not used to do that. When I log in to my secondary e-mail, it has the older look of classic or enhanced e-mail. I still can not find adding additional e-mail addresses or activating non active e-mail addresses but I did locate the tab of forwarding the secondary to the primary but it does not work. I have a case number and I reference it in call backs to support and I get that it should be fixed in 24-48 hours. So here I am trying the AppS Forum Post. Please advise.  


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  • Hi ADUB,

    To see your account authorized User IDs, log in to with your Primary User ID and click on Manage Email Addresses. This will load the My Profile page. To display active and inactive User IDs, click on the heading "Users & Email Accounts".

    It sounds like your secondary email account may not yet have been migrated to the new Cox Email Platform. When you access your Webmail with the secondary User ID, do you use the Classic Webmail interface, or the Enhanced Webmail interface?

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    Hello Becky,

    I followed your instructions and you took me where I needed to go. I saw that I had two secondary e-mail addresses. I tested them both and still no forwarding to my Primary. So I agree with you that it has not migrated to the new Cox E-mail Platform.

    The next question would be is Cox aware of the problem and when would there be a proposed fix date?

    When I access my Webmail with the secondary User ID,  I use Enhanced Webmail interface as it it looks more like the MS Outlook layout. 

  • Hi ADUB,

    Your secondary email addresses will eventually be migrated to the new Cox Email platform. You'll receive an alert email announcing the transition approximately one week before the email account is scheduled to switch to the new platform.