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Web mail down

The title says it all.  I can launch my email client and get what's in the web inbox but the web mail directory structure I created is not accessible.  Trying to log in and everything just stalls.  The status hangs on "Waiting for"

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  • Hi Stinkfoot63,

    What email client are you using? Are you able to successfully access your WebMail from

  • Becky said:
    Hi Stinkfoot63,

    What email client are you using? Are you able to successfully access your WebMail from

    Seeing as it is web mail I'm using my web browser.  In my case that is Firefox.  The old link was working up to yesterday... did something change?  If so, why aren't we being notified of the change? 

    (begin rant)

    Oh, that's right- we don't rate such services.  I learned that after an outage turned out to be scheduled maintenance.  I asked the tech why a company that furnishes email and telephone services why paying customers were not being notified of planned down time and the response was that it wasn't feasible.  I very nearly left Cox at that point..

    (end rant)

    Thank you for your response.  The above venting is not directed at you personally.  I'm a long time customer who has the "benefit" of years experiencing service from "My Friend in the Digital Age".... some good and some not so good.

  • I logged into Phone Tools successfully then clicked the email icon from that page and it hangs as well.

    Becky said:
    Hi Stinkfoot63,

    What email client are you using? Are you able to successfully access your WebMail from

  • Hi Stinkfoot,

    Since your first post referred to an email client, I thought you were using an email utility like Outlook or Mac Mail. My apologies! I'm not sure what was causing the page to hang, as you described. My next suggestion would have been to clear your browser history, cookies, and temporary files. If this happens again, you might give that a try. I'm glad to hear things seem back to normal at this time!

  • Thanks for the response.  It's a little disquieting that a problem wasn't actually identified and fixed.  I'll clear the cache as you suggested should it happen again- though the spontaneous resolution has me skeptical of that as a solution.  I believe I set my browser to clear cache on exit anyway.

    (begin rant)

    Part of my frustration isn't with Cox so much as it is with the fact that everyone I do business with electronically- credit cards, brokerage accounts, banks, utilities- want to railroad me into "going green" and doing away with paper statements, which I need as a reminder to debit by accounts.  On a very regular basis popups occur at log-ins where I am required to ONCE AGAIN specify US mail- the defaults are always email only.  If I absent mindedly dismiss the dialogs I will have inadvertently opted for "green".  I will spare you the political rant about endorsing as factual premises related to political hoaxes.

    The point is that this adds to a history of unreliability concerning email... I've had people send me emails that I've not received- and other messages that arrive days or weeks later.  It's not frequent but it adds to the sketchy record of something that everyone is insisting I rely on for business communications.  Cox has tried this as well... I had to request by phone that they stop regularly and unilaterally enrolling me in "paperless" as I do not see email only as a viable solution when it has been and continues to be less than dependable.

    (end rant)

    Thank you for reading.