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Water In Cable Coming From Pole To House

I recently have been having problems with Internet connectivity, especially when it is wet or raining out.  I checked the connection to the house, and to my surprise found one cable from the house connected to your line via a grounded connector with only rubber boots (cracked and dried out) protecting the threaded connectors.  No box.  The other three lines my wife had run in her house were not connected and had long since corroded.  I decided to install a splitter to connect all four lines, and place everything in a weatherproof box.

I got new connectors for the corroded lines, the splitter and box.  When I disconnected the lines to your little grounded barrel connector, however, watter ran out of the line running from the pole.  I hung it straight down, and let it continue to drip while I repaired the other cables and set up the splitter.

When I was ready to reassemble everything with your line, it was still quite wet inside.  I shook out as much water as I could, then sprayed some WD40 in it to try and displace more water.  Once this "dried" (never really did), I reassembled everything.

The system works, but I fear the line will fill with water again.  I suspect faulty insulation or a poorly sealed connector at the pole.  I can tell you from 30+ years in electronics, including RF up to 50 GHz, water in a cable is no good.

How do I go about having Cox replace this line?

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    First step is having a technician come to your house to look at the problem. If it's something he can't fix, he will put in a ticket with maintenance. Make sure you GET THE TICKET NUMBER! They might send it to construction if underground work needs to be done, so it's important to use the ticket number when following up. As long as all work is before the demarc, or where the coaxial connects to your ground, then there won't be any charge. It would help to make sure all internal wiring is done to your satisfaction before he comes out though.