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Why does the link never work correctly? Everyday I try to use it, and everyday it will stop working. I can find a show/program I want to watch and click Watch and sometimes it'll work and sometimes it won't. Sometimes all I have to do is close down my web browser and open it back up, then it works again. Sometimes, it doesn't work for a few minutes. But, most of the time it's hours before it works. The other day I was watching a program, then, POOF! it stopped working. I missed all of the show, and stopped trying to get it to work. I switched to COX back in March and I just started watching tv on my compute;, well, trying to. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm on my band width (5) and have over 150mbs with a top of the line gaming computer. I don't understand. I've used several browser, but their contour website does the same thing on all of them. Any one have a clue?

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    Are you having this issue on your home network, hardwired or wireless? Are you getting any type of error message? Are you having an issue on any other sites or any other devices?

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    I'm on my desktop, wireless w/ 5G @ 150+ mbps. It only happens with I stream Netflix, Hulu, WatchESPN, FS1, CBS Sports, etc. without problems. I've used Firefox, Internet Explore, Microsoft Edge, Pale Moon web browsers with the same results. The only problem I have is with I have a friend with DirectTV and we used my computer with his password to test it and it worked with no problems.  I've called tech support (witch I, along with everyone else, hate!) and after being transferred through 6 people, I got a guy that agreed that with my system and internet/TV package I should not be having any troubles. Gee, really? That's why I called, guy. He had no answers, and I had to end the call, because I had to leave.  At this point, I don't know what to do, other than keep paying you people money every month. Meanwhile, my wife was able to watch a show on her computer. Then, it stopped working.

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    Is it giving you any kind of error message when it fails? Out of the browsers you've mentioned Firefox and Internet Explorer would be the most compatible when running the latest Adobe Flash plugin. Could you try clearing/cookies/cache/history and resetting the browser to defaults and try again?