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watching TV on cell or tablet when not at home

I see that we can watch Contour TV on our devices (smart phones and tablets) when we are actually in our house.  While that may seem to be a nice feature, I would rather be able to watch my TV programs when I'm NOT at home.

Does anyone know if that is possible?  I was out of state last week and would have loved watching my local college basketball teams in the NCAA tournament but the place I was staying only had basic cable so I wasn't able to watch the games.

Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Jerry,

    You can watch some, but not all of your channels out side of the home using the Contour 2 app. To stream the NCAA tournament, go to and there is a section at the top right that says "Select Your Provider" and you would choose Cox. It then will ask you to sign in, and you're all set you can stream the games live on your computer and mobile devices (I've used this myself).