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Watching on line

I have a couple questions concerning watching my cable channels I pay for online.

We have more than one email address for our account.  When I want to watch COX on line only 1 of the

login in passwords work.  This is the one for the main account owner.   This is a problem because if one of the other

folks in the house wants to watch on line I have to give them the password which is also a email password.

Why won't any of the email addresses linked to my account allow them to watch COX on line?

My next question, when will COX allow me to watch all of the channels I pay for when I am away from home?

COX removes some of the channels when not watching from home.  I can't even watch a local R.I. TV channel

when away from home.


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  • Hi KenK,

    Each online TV provider has requirements regarding account types, and the number of users who can log in at the same time for an account.  For this reason only the Primary login has access to view the content.  For a list of TV networks, available online or with mobile devices,  see  Let us know should you have any further questions. 


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    Would make sense if whomever has an email under the account have access to the online watching using their

    own email address.  I believe you limit how many email addresses are available per account.

    I can easily see a family of 4 wanting more than 1 watching online at a time.

    Just a thought for an improvement in service.


  • KenK

    We do have a limit on how many email addresses an account can have. That limit is 10 email addresses per account.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    yes I realize that as that was the point I was making along with who should have access with their own user name and password

    to watch cox on line.  All 10 should be able to watch cox on line or with their devices using their own email address and password

    so the account owner doesn't have to share his password.