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Watching NBCSN via internet in Europe

We will be in France for 3 weeks in July of 2018 to see the Tour De France cycling event. We will be in a rented motorhome travelling around to the different stages. We will be subscribing to an Internet service provided by HippocketWiFi that works throughout France, using a small device that acts as a hotspot. The Tour is broadcast over CBSSN and we watch it at home every year  with our Cox subscription. At home in AZ, we have been able to go to the NBC Sports website and login with our Cox account info and see live streaming on our laptop of what is broadcasting on NBCSN (with a slight delay time).  We have also done the same thing from iphone and ipad, using the NBC Sports app.

My question is - will we be able to access the live broadcasts on NBC Sports on our Mobile Devices/PC in France, just like here in AZ, as long as we have a reliable Internet connection? We want to be able to watch the Tour De France from the comfort of our motorhome while we are waiting for the cycling peleton to pass by.

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  • Runner257,

    I checked and it seems as though they allow access outside if the United States. I hope this answers your question.

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    Thanks for looking at the terms of use. We are making a trip to Europe in between now and next July, so we will check it out then to confirm it works.