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Watch TCM Won't work

I have watched movies on WatchTCM for many months.  Recently, when I got the WatchTCM website, I can't get past the sign into Cox screen.  I click on a movie and then I'm prompted to sign into my cable provider.  I sign in and then am automatically back to WatchTCM, but then I am asked to log in again.  It seems to be an endless loop so that I am never actually getting to the movie.

This is a recent problem and has been going on for the last few weeks.  I was hoping that it would fix itself, but I just tried it again, and no, it is still sending me into the endless loop.  How can I get this fixed?  

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    If it seems to just be looping this could indicate a problem with a browser cookie. I'd suggest trying to clear cookies and cache in your browser then see if you still have the problem.

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    Thanks for the suggestion!  It worked.  :)