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Watch 2 shows simultaneously with Contour 2

With the older Contour box, we were able to watch two (or more) shows and the programming would be recorded so you could swap or Last to the the other and rewind and watch program.  This Feature doesn't seem to be supported by the new Contour 2 DVR, is this true? 



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    Since the technology is different with the New Contour DVR, the functions might not work the same. When you hit Last and select the previous channel, are you not able to rewind the show? If you are not able to rewind, do you get an error message?

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    You are correct, when going back with the Last button, there is no program info stored?  The old technology allowed 2 (at least) shows to be watched and you could go back and forth avoiding the commercials.  Now there is no program info stored if you swap to another channel?  Seems like you should be able to do this easily newer technology and 6 tuners.  I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or did Cox choose to not support this loop hole in the original DVR operation programming.

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    I agree, this was a feature I very-much missed from past COX DVRs (after coming back to COX from having AT&T for a year).

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    I haven't given up the original Contour, don't want to deal with missing features like this. I can confirm it still works on Contour 1, use it all the time. Just another reason not to switch,

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    Yes, I switched to contour 2 and very much miss this feature.  May go back to Contour 1.