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Warning. Never use cox e-mail use a different e-mail service

My strong suggestion is to anybody reading this to never use the cox e-mail service. Use the internet service but they are greedy and the price just keeps getting higher every year. This way when you have to leave even if you are moving keeping your e-mail the same is not a problem. Go with anything else gmail, outlook, yahoo or anything else. What is the reason for not letting someone have a notification for a new e-mail address? Is it that you want to stick it to us in every which way possible? or you know you would loose a lot more customers that way because if it was possible people would run away you were a pile of stinking poo? Is it too nice and cooperate policy is greed and mean? Can you not have true customer service when people need something or even moving to a place where Cox is not? Not the American way to be nice any longer just take all the money from them as possible? why not send a picture of a gun when you send a bill because that is how it feels when I open mine, just like a hold-up. Or at least print "STICK EM UP" on top of the bill or you could even send a little tube of petroleum jelly with every bill and say "USE BEFORE OPENING". It is terrible that I live on Social Security (which is not the worst) but my wife was just recently laid off and we cannot afford our current package but if we cancel the package the internet price alone is just about the same price by itself. Cannot just drop the e-mail because that has been used for a long time already for the reason that she has been looking for quite some time and it would just impossible to contact all of them again a give them a new e-mail address. We will be changing our e-mail to another service for a while and then drop them like a hot rock. just need to make sure that everyone that needs it has it.

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