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Voicemail access on COX site not user friendly

I never use the phone to access voicemails. I am set up to get an email when a voicemail is received where I can also read the text of the voicemail. Very nice feature. But, I eventually need to go to the site to delete voicemails. PLEASE MAKE IT EASIER TO DO THIS BY ADDING A "DELETE ALL' BOX TO CHECK. It is an extremely laborious task to delete each message, if you don't get the mouse exactly in the center of each box it ends up opening the text of the message and makes the whole process take twice as long as it should. It would also be nice to be able to get an alert telling me my mailbox is full and can no longer receive new voicemails. These two missing features are not rocket science folks.

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  • Hi WomanoftheTides,

    We encourage feedback of our products and services whether it be positive or negative.  We listen to our customers and I will be glad to pass your suggestions to our marketing team.  Thank you again for your feedback and please feel free to reach out to us should you have any further suggestions or concerns.