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Voicemail ***...

Here's a sad story.

We had two phone lines from Cox in Orange County, California. Both had the premium features on them.  Last summer, after yet another rate increase, I had Cox reduce one of these lines to POTS (dialtone and no special features at all).

When this change order went through, our phones were screwed up for days - neither line worked.  Once this got straightened out, our main line (that remained with all of the premium features) for some reason didn't have working voicemail.  I was so p*ssed at Cox by this point that we simply turned on an answering machine in the house.  Frankly, I forgot about it.  Remember, the second line was de-provisioned to just the most basic service.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the second, basic line ported to a mobile provider.  That took a whole week (another long story...), but after that finally happened, I again noticed no voicemail on my main line.  If I call my own number, I get "Welcome to the Cox voicemail system. Please enter your ten digit phone number, followed by the pound sign."  Hmm.  I enter the 10 digit number.  "Sorry, your login attempt has failed."  WTF????

After spending a lovely two hours with Cox phone support (including Tier 2), while they tried to reset the phone switch, the NIU and other attempts, I thought of something.  I dialed my own number.  When prompted for a ten digit number, I entered the OLD number from the de-provisioned (and now ported out of Cox) number.  Guess what?  My old voicemail from that line was still active!!!  Of course, no one could ever get to that because the phone number on the PSTN is pointing to my cell phone.

The sad part is, after logging two attempts with Tier 2 support, the problem remains.  The first Tier 2 "supervisor" who PROMISED to follow up personally, of course, never did.  Any record of the trouble ticket sent to Atlanta seems to have vanished.

Today, my second call with Tier 2, at least I got a trouble ticket number.  The rep promised it would be fixed by Friday.

Cox, this ain't rocket science!!!  Your voicemail provisioning is ignoring service on our real Cox line, and still active on an old line (five months after that line was dropped off voicemail service!!!).

On top of this, the first tier rep today gave me a *** and bull story that this was because I was still on an NIU, not on the new indoor VOIP modem.  She said I'm not on the "digital" phone system.  Hmm, I guess the last 20 years with COX DIGITAL PHONE service was just a hallucination.

I am beyond frustrated with cluelessness abounding from what, a long time ago, was the best cable provider in the country.  How far things have degraded.

My question is, when will Cox actually fix the problem, which should take a few keystrokes on the console of the VM server????

(Telephony hobbyist since before ESS.)

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    Thanks, Danny.  Two Tier 2 people filed tickets with Atlanta.  More than a week later, the problem is unresolved.

    I appreciate Cox providing a forum, but this also means it should be a place where factual discussion of service failures and non-responsiveness take place.

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    Okay, now I'm really peeved.  We have gone TWO FULL WEEKS, and Cox cannot figure out how to:

    1. Remove voicemail on their SERVER (not the phone switch) for 949-xxxx979.  This number was a Cox second landline but all extra services were removed in early Summer '17.  (This number was ported to a competent mobile carrier, though Cox took a full week to do a port that can happen in 2 hours.)  In other words, this phone number does not belong to Cox, yet Cox's voicemail system has this mailbox valid and working (not receiving any messages for obvious reasons).

    2. Add voicemail service on their SERVER (not the phone switch) to 949-xxxx095.  We have been paying for this line with all premium calling features, including voicemail, since 2014.  This is our primary landline. 

    Ticket CUA 5772932.  Issued 12/11.  (Previously on 12/5 I spoke with a Tier 2 tech that supposedly entered a ticket and was going to follow up PERSONALLY and make sure it was resolved within 72 hours.  Ha ha ha.  Joke's on the customer.)

    The incompetence of this company for what is all of about 20 keystrokes on a terminal blows me away.  Among the most amazing thing:  Tier 2 phone techs have to submit tickets to Atlanta for issues they can't resolve.  These techs CANNOT ACTUALLY SPEAK WITH A HUMAN IN ATLANTA.  Of course, me as a customer cannot speak with the folks that are sitting on this.

    It's getting to CPUC complaint level...

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