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Very poor internet connection. Tech says "ingress" is the problem but offers no solution.

Several months ago I had problems with my internet connection.  After many tech visits (replacing my rented cable modem twice) a tech determined that my tap was burned out and replaced it.  Internet worked fine after that until a couple of weeks ago when I started seeing very, very slow web page loads, regardless of the web site.  A contracted Cox tech came out, climbed the pole to the tap box, and said that the problem is ingress from a specific neighbor's house.  Apparently he disconnected each tap, one at a time, until the ingress disappeared to see which house was causing the problem.  Said he put something on my line (or the neighbor's? not sure) that should reduce, but not eliminate the problem.  That neighbor isn't seeing any problems and thus isn't especially interested in scheduling a cox service call.   My internet service has not improved.  What can I do??? 

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    Typically if a technician finds ingress affecting your services and they're able to identify the source residence the procedure is to offer that residence a service call to troubleshoot further. In the event that is not possible we usually disconnect their service and give then a tel# to call to schedule a reconnect service call. Probably the best thing to do at this point is scheduled another visit for yourself to see if this is still what's happening with your services.

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