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Very high upstream packet loss.

For the last few weeks, I have been getting very high upstream packet loss.  I have tested this with the following methods:

-ICMP to Level3 device.

-ICMP to Cox gateway (first hop past modem).

-Logged 2-way VoiP simulation to known-good test servers.

-Simultaneous run of the above tests.

-ICSI Netalyzr

Both ICMP and data-based tests reveal between 5 and 10% upstream packet loss.  When running both tests simultaneously, ICMP losses occur at the same time that large numbers of data packets are dropped on the voip simulation.  ICSI Netalyzr also indicates high upstream packet loss.  Modem logs show a number of recent T3 time-outs.

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    I'm actually seeing loss between us and the modem when I look from here but I'm also showing a non-gigabit device connected to the modem which would also limit your speeds far below the provisioned rate. Can you try connecting a device with a gigabit Ethernet port directly to the modem and resetting it to see if that works any better?