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Verification of email from COX

Is this a valid email sent from COX???
Cox has identified that one or more of the computers behind your cable modem are likely infected with the Zeus Trojan/bot, also known as Zbot.
While this malicious software is not new, it still poses a great risk to your computer and files that reside on your hard drive.

Zeus malware uses keylogging in order to access user names and passwords and infected over 13 million computers worldwide.

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    Was it addressed to you personally or to "Dear Customer"?  that is usually a good starting point.  You already know that you never want to click on a link in an email.  go to and access your account to find any warnings from Cox.  I am going to guess that your email was a scam trying to get you to click on a link.  Cox does not scan your computers remotely. 

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    Thank you for contacting us. Does it have a mailing address at the bottom of the email? Also could you send us an email( with a screenshot of what you are seeing.