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V205 error using Cox OnDemand with Tivo

Hi!  After several calls, I have my Tivo Roamio set up with cablecard and the tuning adapter.  I'm able to get all channels (including premium), and finally able to access the Cox OnDemand app.  However, no matter what show I select through OnDemand, I get the V205 error with a '500' at the bottom of the screen.  I tried to work through this with Tier2 support, but they weren't able to resolve this issue.  Can you help?

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    Is the light on the tuning adapter solid? Please check the firmware on the TiVo and tuning adapter and let us know what versions you get.

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    Thanks for the reply!  Yes, the light on the tuning adapter is solid orange.  I checked the firmware on the Tivo, and I have version 20.7.2.  Where do I find the firmware version on the tuning adapter?

  • Hi DailySun,

    The V205 error with a '500' error codes are most often reflective of a TiVo service or client misconfiguration issue. Have you spoken to TiVo Support about this error? Your Cox account is configured correctly. Give TiVo a call at 877-367-8486 and have them troubleshoot this error.

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    Becky the Kane Brown - What Ifs  video in the music choice folder is giving the v205 error and does not play.

    Andrew Wees