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Using XR11-RF remote with LG 55EF9500 TV

Yesterday, my local cable company (Cox Communications) installed their new set-top box/DVR which included an XR11-RF remote control.  Here's my problem with my LG TV (55EF9500):

I launch the LG WebOS 2.0 interface using the LG remote and choose an app (eg Netflix) then I MUST also use my LG "magic remote" to control navigation through the app.  For example, I cannot use the up-down-right-left arrows on the XR11 remote to navigate among the options displayed on the Netflix app.  Also, I cannot use the pause-play or forward-backspace arrows to control the video being played.  Note that my earlier Contour-1 remote allowed me to navigate and control Netflix app/videos.  

I am also sending a similar email to the LG TV community,  but I am asking for configuration to allow the XR11 remote to be paired correctly with the LG TV and allow at least some functions with the LG app. 

I would prefer not to purchase a Universal remote; I would like to get to one remote for as many functions as possible on
the Contour-2 remote -AND- the LG OLED TV (EF9500).  Can you help?

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    I noticed the same issue when I got Contour 2 installed. Samsung's smart TV (at least my model) turns on the TV app and you have to hit select to watch TV. I used to be able to use the older remote to do this function and now I have to have both remotes to turn on my TV. At this time there is no fix or work around for this function. I have submitted your feedback to our Video Team review. It's possible that this could be updated with a future upgrade.